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is CBD Safe for CONSUMPTION? FDA talks about risks and regulatory needs"

27 de enero de 2023

CBD alimentos y suplementos
CBD alimentos y suplementos

The United States food safety regulator has stated that the regulations governing CBD foods and supplements in the country are "inappropriate" and reform is needed.

In a statement, a senior US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) official said a "new regulatory pathway" is needed for foods and supplements containing cannabidiol, known as CBD.

FDA Chief Deputy Commissioner Janet Woodcock said that after careful review, the FDA has concluded that a new regulatory path for CBD is needed that balances people's desire to have access to CBD products with oversight. regulator needed to manage risks.

The agency is prepared to work with Congress on this matter.

She acknowledged that there is a "growing market for cannabidiol products" in the United States, but insisted that the use of this ingredient in foods and supplements "raises several safety concerns, especially with long-term use." Woodcock added:


"Studies have shown the potential for liver damage, interactions with certain medications, and possible harm to the male reproductive system. CBD exposure is also of concern in certain vulnerable populations such as children and pregnant individuals."

A new regulatory path would benefit consumers who need safety measures and oversight to manage and minimize the risks associated with CBD products.

Some risk management tools could include clear labels, contaminant avoidance, CBD content limits, and measures, such as a minimum purchase age, to mitigate the risk of ingestion by children.

The existing FDA food and dietary supplement authorities provided only limited tools to manage many of the risks associated with CBD products.

Under the law, any substance, including CBD, must meet specific safety standards in order to be legally marketed as a dietary supplement or food additive.

In 2021, the agency published a report that estimated the size of the CBD market in the United States at $4.6 billion.


In conclusion:

The market for CBD products in the United States is constantly growing, but the FDA has concluded that a new regulatory path is necessary that balances the desire for access to these products with the regulatory oversight necessary to manage risks. As the FDA prepares to work with Congress on this issue, it is important to remember that consumer safety must be the number one priority.

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