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Image by Tangerine Newt


Freeze Dried Instant Guacamole

From Colombia | Made in Colombia

Retail Packaging: 25g | 50g | 100g

Bulk Packaging: 100g | 250g | 500g | 1Kg | 4Kg

MagicMole Guacamole is made from exquisite Hass avocados from Colombia


This Guacamole retains all the natural fats, fiber and other superfood nutrients found in avocados but without the hassle

Instant Guacamole Description

  • Made with real fresh avocados grown in Colombia.

  • Vegan, Gluten Free, Low in Cholesterol.

  • Only natural ingredients: Hass Avocado, Onion, Red Bells Peppers, Coriander, Lime, Salt.

  • No refrigeration needed until opened.

  • Just add water to create amazing guacamole with great consistency and flavor.

  • Stop worrying about picking ripe avocados at the supermarket.

  • Your only worry should be deciding if you use tortilla chips or pita bread to dip into your freshly made Gucamole.

  • MagikMole can wait in your pantry for up to a year (77ºF/25ºC for 24 months in a closed container)